------- ------- Conseils Services Statistique SIG Ingénieurie Informatique --- Consultancy Service Computational Statistic & GIS Architecture
  • R-Contributed extension packages
  • Graphics from PTAk analsyis
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    Satistical methods / Geocomputations / Geospatial data / Modelling and Softwares applied ... in medical research, environment modelling, VGI ...
  • Multivariate Statistics applied to (geo)spatio and/or temporal data
  • Group factors comparisons ...
    using Tensor regression

    k-spatial entropy
    spatial clustering
    spatially clustered associations
  • Multi-arrays data reduction or factorisation methods (PTAk)
  • Generalisations of PCA or SVD for k-ways tables ...
    e.g. Multiway Correspondence Analysis

    Correspondence Analysis of k-co-occurrences data
  • GIS and GeoSpatial Statistics
  • dynamics, scenari, and evolutions ...

    versus statistical modelling

    scientific workflow with OGC services
    VGI data quality
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